December 29, 2005


I am TOTALLY procrastinating. I took this week off mostly because I needed to be away from my office, but also so I could catch up on all the homework for my yoga class. What I didn't realize is how out of practice I am with this sort of thing. This studying and writing thing I mean. I am reading like crazy and am supposed to be writing about what I read. But do you know how hard it is to write about anatomy without repeating the text? I am fascinated with the stuff, don't get me wrong. I totally understand why I need to know what is in there, it is just really hard to find any of it 'inspiring'. There are some serious words in that anatomy book...

The other part of the assignment this month is to write out my 6 week lesson plan for a beginner class! YIKES STRIPES! I am paralyzed.
I suppose procrastination makes you think about what it is that is "blocking" you from doing what you need to do. Is it fear? failure? Maybe a bit of both. Aren't they one in the same at times? I am worried I am not going to write what I am supposed to or I will miss the whole point of the chapter I just read.
With the lesson plan part I know my teacher will critic the work and give it back to me for revision. I expect that. I am actually looking forward to that. Getting the words for a class down on paper in the first place is the hard part. You can't just throw a bunch of postures on a page and call it macaroni. Oh, no. It is like a meal. You might have a pre dinner drink, then appetizers, then move on to soup or salad. After that you get the main course and finally on to dessert. To really do it correctly it is best to try out the sequence as you go so that you know how it will all flow together. After I have revised the work I will get a class organized and start teaching! I am totally blown away and respectful of my teachers now. I understand how nerve-racking and challenging it is to do this. IMy practice has changed forever. I am full of new knowledge with all the reading and writing I am doing and any time new knowledge is absorbed you can't be the same. It is like knitting, now that I know how to knit I can't pass a sweater, hat or scarf without analyzing the stitch and the yarn.

My best friend stopped by today to give me a belated birthday/Christmas giftee... I think this little lady is going to help me with my yoga:

Isn't this the silliest thing you have seen in a long time? To put her in perspective her mat is about as long as my index finger and she is fully magnatized and bendable.

I love her. Her name is Jane- she is my first student. I can bend her and twist her and she is never afraid to try a new asana- I am jealous, she is one of the most flexible woman I know. Best of all she has a magnetic personality!
Lester is assisting me in my studies today.

He has faithfully been sitting at my side or on my lap all day long. Look at him. What a lounge lizard.
No knitting to speak of this week... I did try and knit while heading over Donner Summit on Monday. We were on our way to see some friends in the Bay Area and the weather was, well, let's just say unsettled. I did pretty good at knitting and not looking at my work, but then I had to put a few stitch markers on and realized that I some how got off count. (I get really car sick, so reading, wrtiting and knitting aren't usually things I choose to do. But since the traffic was slow go and since we could have gotten stuck on the Summit because of snow I thought I would give it a shot.)

The coolest part about knitting in the car is to play the game of, "who else is knitting in the car". I saw one gal making something. She never looked up so I could show her that I too was a knitter. Oh-well, maybe she reads my blog out of some random chance and will say, hey! I was in the little yellow Chevy roller skate car headed over Donner Pass on the day after Christmas.... or maybe not and I just can keep dreaming.

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