December 28, 2005

Manos del Uruguay

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Look what was in my stocking!

I was home sick on the Friday before Christmas and needed a second skein of yarn to finish the capelet I was working on... I called hubby at work and asked if he could pick this up for me on his way home from work.

Well, little devil picked up a few more goodies while he was there and saved them for my stocking. When I asked him did he know how nice this yarn was he said, "I was just 'drawn' to it. I liked the colors. I couldn't decided on just one so I got them all. I think they would make a nice hat and scarf, don't you?" Hubby is too good! Great color choices I might add.
He had no idea that I had been eyeing this yarn ever time I walked into a shop that had it! My LYS just started to carry the lovely and coveted Manos.

I am a luck girl, don't ya think??


Tiffany said...

You are a very, very, very lucky girl! :)

Jenn said...

Oooo...You are very lucky! The yarn looks yummy!

kt said...

rock on the yarn! i had to spend a lot of time training my fella to find the good stuff. congrats on finding a natural.

Mandy said...

How luck are you! I love Manos!! It is so nice to work with and so very colorful!! What a great hubby you have!!!

Whit said...

Mmmm.... so, are you going to do a hat and scarf?

Knitcrazy said...

Yes.. You are Lucky!!
That Yarn is soooooooo yummy looking!
Hubby has GOOD taste! :)

Iris said...

Hi Nessie,
This yarn is lovely! I don't think we have it over here.
You are indeed a lucky girl!!

Liz said...

great yarn! was he hinting for a hat and scarf of his very own?

And HEY you are too cool, I just saw your message about the button to my site. Thanks, and it's beautiful too!. Thing is i can be a little technologically challenged... do you know how I put it on my site?

Sue said...

You are very lucky to have a DH who will actually go into a yarn store for you, let alone pick out some extra skeins as a gift!! Mine doesn't care how much yarn or what kind I buy, but I don't think he would ever "run an errand" by picking up some yarn for me. However, he does brag about all the stuff I make and that's pretty special, too.