January 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

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This month we are too look at those piece and part of ourselves that we haven't quite accepted as beautiful. The photos can be current or past-

I am using a past photo- this is from high school graduation day.

Two tone hair? What was I thinking? Blondes just wanna have fun, but burnets get it done. Split personality issues abound when you are in high school. Not to mention that my hair was cut so short at this time! Pixie cut was FINALLY growing out my hair was actually "long" in this photo.

ACNE! Good lord, look at my forehead. I still hate when I break out. I am really self conscious about it. At least it isn't this bad anymore.

I am a space alien- actually I loved those sunglasses. They were purple; they were perfect for snowboarding and hanging at Donner Lake - all season. But I do have to say that I look a bit like the character from Star Trek.

Accessories... earrings, ring, watch? What is all that? None if matches and it is gold. I don't even like to wear gold- hmmm.
This was one of the best days of my life, it meant a new chapter. It meant freedom, it meant college. I was ready to start the journey....
So much has changed, so much is the same- I am still a huge goof ball when it comes to clothes and I am a total accessory freak. Although, now I wear the same two bracelets, my wedding ring and mix up the earrings and the necklace for spice. I love to wear scarves to dress up a causal outfit for work. I have stopped messing with the color of my hair, well sort of. I wear it long I wear it short, but I don’t think I will ever cut it that short again. And I now realize I am not supposed to have blonde hair, well DUH~


Jennifer said...

You do look deliriously happy! Ugh high school. Who wasn't happy to leave it behind?

Nessie Noodle said...

I think I was just horribly hung over from the week long partying that took place, err I mean studying for finals.. :)

Whit said...

I did the blonde thing in HS, too. Crazy girls. Two-toned and that weird red that it would sometimes go....

Ahhh... memories.

Mandy said...

Ahhhh highg school...those were the days you look very happy and the hair is not that bad.

Sedie said...

Self actualization, isn't it great! You look happy in that photo, I would never have seen the things you pointed out.