January 23, 2006

B is for....

B is for Balloon. Not the kind of balloon that you get at a birthday party or a grand opening, but the kind you can ride under and see the world below.

Every year at the park up the street from my house are the Great Reno Balloon Races. It is a huge event which bringings people from all over into our city. RVs line up along McCarran Blvd just north of the park to set up camp. Those who live close enough walk up to the park in the wee hours of the morning with a big thermos full of hot chocolate or coffee, lawn chairs and blankets to watch the show.

This is what they call "Dawn Patrol". It is like watching glow bugs in the summer sky twinkle and show themselves.

early early early

And then the sunrises and you stroll around all the balloons as they fill with hot air and begin to take on a new shape and slowly make their way into the big sky. They usually float above our house, and when hubby and I used to live in a place just around the corner and up the street one landed in a neighbors front yard.
I love the sound of the balloons. And can only imagine what the heat must be like if you are sitting in the little basket under the flame.

The year these pictures were taken I actually forgot to put film in my camera for the first hour I was there. At 4am who could expect anything less? I was happily snapping away and then it struck me that I had taken more then my allotted 36 pictures. When I looked, no film. I quickly put in a roll and ran off to take more shots. Hubby caught the dawn patrol with our digi cam- I caught some of the others with the film cam.

B is for balloon....


Liz said...

very cool Vanessa... love those balloons

Mandy said...

That is too cool! I love the ones at night!