January 11, 2006

Nope, not here

I am on the bandwagon... Or rather the sock wagon. I just joined the
200socks! KAL

On that note.
I won't tell you how stuck I am on my socks (especially after all that gloating in yesterday's post). I won't tell you how I can't figure out how to move on after I finished that easy-peasy little heel, oh no. You won't hear me whine about the fact that I can't figure out what stitches to pick up. And you definitely won't smell the smoke from my ears because I don't understand what 6 stitches to pickup here or what 10 to pick up there... Nope, not here.
- I could blame all this on the pattern, after all aren't all patterns supposed to have at least one error in them- but I won't. At least not until after tomorrow's SnB.
Thank heavens for 7-11, the FSM and of course the Procrastiknitters. They will all come to my rescue tomorrow. How you ask?

  • Nachoes for sustenance while I knit at a place that doesn't serve food, but has the best couches and good lighting,
  • faith in myself and all things divine (such addi turbos and kid silk haze) and
  • knitting guidance

(you decided which gives me what and we will call it even, okay)

happy hump day everyone!


Becky said...

Sorry about the sock drama, Ness. If it helps, my instructor didn't seem too concerned about which stitches to pick up as long as you got some. Of course, that didn't help me much.

I was just at the 200socks kal today. It looks good. Have fun with it.

Nessie Noodle said...

Aren't you going to KAL with us Becky?

tammy said...

I too am recently hooked on socks. I made my first pair 6 months ago, using worsted weight. I just started a pair with actual sock weight yarn, LOVING IT!!
Nacho knit night, just like at my house! ; )

Mandy said...

I hope that you got the sock figured out! Nachos and knitting sound very good to me! I might just go get some!! Happy knitting!

Jenn said...

goodluck with the socks! As for me, I haven't gotten the nerve to try socks yet

Iris said...

The importance of being clear!
I can certainly imagine how frustrating it is to have instructions you don't understand.... but don't give up. Get someone to help you with the sock and tell us how it turned out.
See my finished lampshade at my blog!

maresisouza said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. How great to find a knitter in Reno who blogs. Your post about black market yarn had me howling. You did a great job describing a visit. I, too, sat in the cul-de-sac, sure I was in the wrong place. You were much more restrained than I was. I made three visits, and certainly spent more than $20. Now I'm working my way through my overflowing stash.