March 02, 2007

"Giggle Twins"

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silly face

I was hamming it up for the little girls waiting their turn in the booth.
This one made them giggle as they watched the screen outside the digi-booth...and it made me think about my best friend and I. The "giggle twins" as our mothers called us.How long we have known each other (since she was born we always say), how I used to tell people at the grocery store that I had a twin sister. Only she was from a different mom and dad (that and we are kinda like Danny DeVito and the Goven-ator from the movie Twins). But she was the closest thing I had.
I remember eating lunch at my house(mac and cheese, of course) "My McDonald's".
I remember driving to Reno, probably for a dentist apt or something, and her mom singing to us- when we passed the huge American flag at Boomtown we would all break out in "this land is your land" I could never really sing, but boy could E hold a note even at 3 or 4.
I vividly remember her telling me how she was going to run away one day while we were supposed to be napping. She packed everything up and headed out the window... at the sly old age of 4.
We have so many memories like that together... The little girls waiting outside the booth are probably a lot like we were-
I watched for a few seconds as they climbed into the box. Hugged each other tightly and smiled a huge broad grin...
That set is going to be a keeper I said to their mom- she laughed and gave me a wink as I walked away with my fresh strip in hand...

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angela said...

memories of friends like that are so precious. i got a little choked up there at the end thinking about my own childhood friends.

great post- and really fun photobooth pic :)

Ani said...

Love the post and photobooth pics are so great!