March 01, 2007

Thursday Love

stems and morning light

When the snow is falling outside, and the temps fall I love filling the house with flowers... especially tulips. it is like sticking your tongue out at the weather.

I can hardly resist the deep purple of these lovelies...
stopping to smell
Lester can't either.

He is back by the way (lester is). Gone for two weeks this time. We thought for sure he was soup de jour for the coyotes. Until, that is we got a call from our sweet, sweet neighbors from the old house. They are so cute, and I made sure to put a bottle of wine on their door stoop to say thank you. They now know to just bring him home to the new house. What a crazy animal, he gets taxi service home. Like a drunk that gets stuck at the slot machine downtown and can't stumble home. He gets hypnotized by the call of the old neighborhood. I want to stick a camera on him so that I can see what it must be like to dodge traffic across one of the busiest streets in town to get to the old hood. I wonder what little old lady puts milk out for him and what kids try and bring him in the house and dress him up in doll clothes.
He has been home about a week now and has been completely cut off from going outside anymore. He has done this treck about 6 times now. We have no idea what to do or how to stop him.
So he has to sit in the window and dream about all the mice he could be catching...


Ani said...

I'm loving your Thursday love! I'm laughing at sweet Lester and your description of the downtown drunk.

Still not sure about this weekend, with sick kidlet and all. I'll let you know soon!

Knitting Momma said...

I'm loving this, too. Beautiful photos - so inspiring - and a great story. I'm glad your kitty's home safe, and home for good!