March 16, 2007

so little..

there seems to be so little time to squeeze it all in, and yet what is time really? It is something we can manipulate just by turing the hands forward on a clcok if you really think about it.
The week after day light savings change happens always throws me. Plus I taught a yoga class at 615am on Thursday and so my internal clock is realy wacko.
Driving to class yesterday I saw the most beautiful cresent moon rising, huge and beautiful. That made it all worth it.
Kitchen Fish
I have all sorts of amazing news this week.
there is a pumpkin seed growing in my best friend's belly, she has "ultrasonic" proof.
there is a diamond on my other bestfriend's finger, she has a tan line from Mexico as proof.

all this makes me want to cry. in a good way.
I am looking forward to a massage tonight, yoga tomorrow and sunday (three hours on sunday) and hopefully a walk with E to hear the proposal story and to get blinded by the new bling on her finger...

ahh, time...


Jecca said...

beautiful picture. I keep staring at it. It always amazes me how quickly time passes and all that happens to the people that we Love while we are living our regular old life. congratulations on all of your good news.

Stacie said...

Yeah, I could use about 3 more hours in the day... then I could get it all done, right? The list gets longer every day, and I have to just step off and live for a minute! Have a great weekend!!