June 27, 2006

Home means Nevada

I am back... Things are slowly coming to normal. Although I seem to have picked up a head cold somewhere between Seattle and Reno- I am feeling much better thanks to NyQuil- that stuff is magic, I swear.

We had a wonderful vacation. I finally stopped feeling the motion of the ocean on Sunday, two days after we got off the boat. We had a couple really rough days at sea- the first day we had 15-20 foot swells- yozzers...
We really enjoyed all of the ports that we stopped off in, and wished we had more time to explore and be adventurous. 12 hours simply isn't enough time to do it all...

We ate and ate explored and ate some more.
Drank a lot less then I thought we would,
played bingo till we could stand it no longer,

The art of not sharing
laughed and stood in line and refused to share ice cream.
Took a tram,
a train

Scooter Squad
and scooters
to see all the sights.
We danced and laughed some more.
We slept in late because it was dark in our room and because the ship rocked us to sleep each night and mostly because we could.

I am glad to be home and not sure if I would do the cruise ship thing again, but wouldn't not do it just for the experience it gave us. The crew on the ship were wonderful, I am not quite sure how they do it! They go almost 24 hours a day with hardly a breath in between - and all with a smile. Fabulous people from all over the world.


I am pretty sure I gained some weight, they say the average is 2 pounds a day- CRAP- I didn't believe it until I realized what they were feeding us. I had to be really careful to not take in more then I needed... We also walked up and down the flights of stairs in the boat rather than take the elevator most of the time.
on deck 2

I did get some work done on the baby sweater. I am on the home front with just the collar to go. I don't want to work on it while I have a cold, just seems wrong to make baby stuff while the nose is runny, ya know?

I am going to link you over to my flickr site to check out all the photos... There are still a ton more I will be adding mostly from the first day or so in Seattle, I got some great shots at Pikes Market and Juneau- some are on film that needs to be developed, others are on a friends computer, we had to unload our card after the first couple of days so we could continue to take pictures... I will make sure to let you know when they are out there.

Enjoy. (oh and props to hubby, he took most of these landscape shots, aren't they great?)

I know I have a ton of catching up to do and blogs to visit. I will do my best to stop by and say hello- although I am thinking over the summer I may slow down on the internet usage.. I am feeling like I need to get out there and play. I need to take all the inspiration that I have gathered from everyone in Blogville and put it into action... We will see.


Becky said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! Your photos are a lot of fun. Glad you are home again. :)

Julia said...

Ugh, gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time. I want to eat crabs now, YUM!! Props to the man indeed, nice shots:-)

Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys had a lovely time! Mmmm, crab...

elizabeth said...

wow girl, it looks like you had a great time.

but whats up with those bingo cards. do we not use daubers anymore????

i'd seriously love to play bingo until i couldn't stand it anymore and eat those crabs till i couldn't even stand :)

KnittyOtter said...

Welcome Back!!

Looks like a fantastic trip. Great photos.

I hope your cold goes away soon. I get that everytime I travel back to Cincinnati. Seems like a good reason not to return eh. ;)

What are you knitting on now, if I may ask. :D

lovegreendog said...

glad to see you back!
the photos make me want to go on a trip, and yes i hear ya about all the inspiraion.
i am considering taking it all and running with it.

feel better soon :)

JessaLu said...

Welcome home :o)

Those are great photos! It looks like you had a fun time :o)

Stacie said...

Great pics, as always! I'm with you, I can hardly stand to be inside. It's hard to get around to say hi, but ya gots to get outside!!! My bro-in-law and his awesome wife live in AK, i wanna go visit...

LeS said...

I hadn't realised you were back!

Man, those photos just made me feel like I was there. Seems as though it was a great time.

Welcome home!
(and the cupcake tray was found at Tuesday Morning - another one of my can't-live-withouts :)

kat said...

looks like a fabulous trip! must make it to alaska sometime.

Mandy said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous trip! Glad to have you back!! Hubby took some wonderful photos!!

Lolly said...

Okay, I am totally green with envy after looking through those fabulous pictures and hearing about the trip! You lucky lucky girl. What a FAB trip!