November 29, 2006

Day 19---11*12*11

Day 19 of 11*12*11


green white gold

Friday Flickr Favs:

  1. Playsilk Wings Tutorial, Baby Hopes
  2. Parasol, Kamoda
  3. Sparkly hat, madorganica
  4. Jump, E Welthorpe
  5. untitled, tigerluxe
  6. untitled, pyrodreams
  7. untitled, Bisy Backson
  8. the longest escalator ever, girlhula


kat said...

i'm loving the white tree branch. it makes me think of the horfrost in minnesota when all the trees arre white

Rachel said...

Lovely seasonal photos! I like the low contrast of the top one juxtaposed with the deeper contrast of the bottom one.