November 29, 2006

Day 18--- 11*12*11

Day 18 of 11*12*11


Yashica LM


Stacie said...

that is a classic... yours? are you a former GS photo prodigy??

Becky said...

Too cool! We have a couple of old ones, too. One has the bellows and the cloth for your head. My brother was a professional photographer.

I sure enjoy your photos. I like the last post, too. Hello goat! That is a goat, right? :)

Magatha said...

She clearly IS a former GS photo prodigy and a current photographic genius. Yeah, show me your cool camera collection! Huh. Well listen here, I have a digital camera that takes floppy disks! Ha! ;-)

lovegreendog said...

omg! a gs camera?!?!? where did you ever get one of these???