December 11, 2006

Fianl Day --11*12*11

Final Day~! Of 11*12*11

yppah yadhtrib
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!
sorry, the silence around her was killing me!!
11*12*11 has been a wonderful challenge for me. I have been frustrated and inspired. But most of all, I have been forced to slow down and see.
stop and see the world around me, see all that makes me laugh, cry and feel alive.
And that is a beautiful thing.

I appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving comments here and there (or being awesome and doing so every day!). And even if you didn't leave a comment, thanks for swinging by and taking a look at my world. I hope I have made a few new "readers/viewers" along the way....
I hope the photos spoke for themselves for the most part. But I know that several of them probably lent to a ton of questions... so if you are interested and because I have gotten a few request to do so, I am going to give you a few words to go with the images.

CAUTION, I have not writen here in a month and the following portion of this post will make up for that... seriously this could be long, so go to the bathroom and get a cup of tea before you start to read and click and click and read.


Day 1 Veteran's Day, lazy weekend of knitting and breakfast making. Then meeting up with my best friend and her man for a drink.
Day 2 Learning how to home brew with above mentioned best friend and her man.
Day 3 Even though I often get home late after work /teaching yoga/practicing yoga, I really like to make dinner.
Day 4 Because I work a regular 8-5 job and then pile on teaching yoga, I get pretty busy...It is sometimes a blur.
Day 5 I had been going through pictures from the past few years... This one is a favorite. Taken on the Black Rock Desert. Playing croquet dressed up in crazy costumes...
Day 6 I got up early to go to the dentist on this particular day. Nothing like the feeling of freshly polished teeth to make me happy!
Day 7 Headed up to a pre Thanksgiving party. I was happy to see friends of all ages.
Day 8 Spent the day in my craft room making holiday gifts. Andy's family decided a few years back to stop buying gifts for one another at Christmas and the tradition was made. We have to make something for each person. It is such a great way to share your creativity, get a good laugh, and cut down on the insanity and consumerism of the season.
Day 9 Attended an AcroYoga workshop, and got Andy to join in the fun. This is one of the funnest things to do. If you have a chance try it. It brings your yoga practice in a full loop... The usually contemplative and internal practice is taken outward. It is a wonderful chance to learn to communicate and also reinforce community, commitment and trust...Oh, and there is a lot of really good laughter too! I am lucky enough to have now gotten to go to 2 of these workshops, and my massage therapist is also a teacher here in town, so that means there will be more in the future- wooo hooo!
Day 10 Happened upon this "snowboarding" event taking place in a local shopping center parking lot. It made me laugh and yearn for my snowboarding days again...
Day 11 No real story here... These lovely foods were sitting on my kitchen counter, the light was right and so I snapped the shot.
Day 12 Spent the day in the sewing room. Later on that afternoon Andy got busy in the kitchen making his famous flat bread for Thanksgiving... Oh and the kitty got a little treat, whipping cream.
Day 13 Thanks Giving day... Wonderful and warm. Celebrated Dad in law's birthday as well because all the kids were home. It was such a great day.
Day 14 Some days it is nice to just be inspired by others...
Day 15 In Napa, CA for a bit more birthday celebration and left overs from Turkey day... This time it was my God Father's 60th birthday!
Day 16 The birthday celebration went well into the night and early into the next day... Dancing and more dancing.
Day 17 This photo was taken one year ago from the date posted... It makes me laugh.
Day 18 Photography has always been important to me. It is a link to my family history and to my grandfather who passed away when I was about 10. He had a dark room "down the cellar" and this was his camera. He gave it to my mom and she used it often while I was growing up. I asked if I could have it and so now it is mine (it actually goes back and forth between my mom's house and mine)... The Girl Scout camera is my mom's. She has had it since she was 6 years old, and I asked her if I could borrow it and the old Yashica to attempt to do a bit of this.
Day 19 Getting the holiday garb out... Three new Christmas trees...
Day 20 I have some of the most amazing girlfriends. They are formally known as the ChIPs (Chicks In Planning) we knew each other from work but decided to start hanging out because we are all roughly the same age and are connected through our professions... Over the past 2 and half years become great friends. We are there for laughter, for crying for venting and for love. We were out and about on the town... Theme: cowgirl (had to dress like one, see my vest?) We had Pho and then headed to a few bars to play pool and laugh... (oh, and a few of them stuck it out to locate a photobooth with me, classic set)
Day 21 Peace, Hope, Joy... Need I say more?
Day 22 Dressed up warm and hopped in the beloved suburban for a day of Christmas tree hunting. I was just playing in the drive way before we left and really liked the shadow that cast out before me.
Day 23 Feeling like dog, but trucking through it. In a Nyquil comma... this about sums up the color and the lines I am seeing...
Day 24 Slept all day to keep the cold at bay. I had no chance to get the camera out... Although there were a few moments that I snapped my "mental camera". Made me think of one of my favorite songs my John Mayer, 3x5s
Day 25 I have come home twice now at lunch and seen this beautiful colored shadow that the old vanilla and pepper corn bottles create. I love little bottles, especially glass ones. I have no idea what I will do with these, but I just like the way they look. And so many things are no longer bottled in glass (like mayo and peanut butter for instance)these little bottles make me smile, and their shadows bring me joy.
Day 26 Out with the girls and dressed up to a cowgirl theme... Talked them into boothing it up with me. I love these strips and will have several more to share over the next few weeks.

final days?? Not such a good camera girl.

We had a huge open house party on Sat (30-40 people stopped by) and I didn't have the time or the energy to get out the camera, silly me there were so many people at our place.
I slept most of the day yesterday, just getting my beauty rest- I am getting old, I need more sleep right?
Last night, had dinner with a group of friends. Yummy food, good people, who could ask for more?
Birthday Dinner

Tonight, family is coming over for dinner and celebration.
I am exhausted... but in such a good way. So much love it makes me glow.
Wee cup o tea

have a great week everyone!


caro said...

Fantastic! I've enjoyed the whole month. Happy Birthday!

JessaLu said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! :o))

I've enjoyed all of the photos :o)

Rachel said...

Happy birthday! Congrats on a great month of photos!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - you Geek in Shorts.

- a fellow GIS in DEN.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Congratulations on making it through the photo month beautifully! You already know you've inspired me--and I am now a regular reader from this month. I am still actively engaged in looking at the world through my (very novice) camera lens (and still--happily--drowning in words off-screen). Happy birthday!!!

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday Nessie Noodle!! MMMMWah! (That is the sound a smooch makes in cyber space)! I dunno, I think the photologue should continue... I loved every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

I loved it all too, and was also inspired. Happy Birthday to you friend :)

Rrramone said...

Holy crap that was a long post. :-) I love your shadow pic on Flickr!

kat said...

oh i missed you birthday! bad me but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you!

Anonymous said...

yowsah! happy birthday girl. and lovin' that picture of you and the little tea cup!

Anonymous said...

yowsah! happy birthday girl. and lovin' that picture of you and the little tea cup!

acumamakiki said...

Happiest of belated birthday's!!