December 08, 2006

Day 26---11*12*11

Day 26 of 11*12*11

cowgirls 3


acumamakiki said...

ooh cute cowgirls!! how fun for you nessie. these are great. (= it's always fabulous to get friends into the booth with you, spreading the love.

Stacie said...

hats + glasses + girlfriends + photobooth = yeah! Good stuff!!

lovegreendog said...

this is my favorite! look at you, hats off - so cute :)

LeS said...

Ness these are SO great!
I want words!!!:)

Love Squalor said...

you take such great photos! i love the post just before this especially!

thank you for stopping by my site and for your kind comments. i'm so happy to have found you here. it's always fun to find a great new blog to frequent - i'll be back for more!

happy winter!