November 17, 2006

Day 6-- 11*12*11

Day 6 11*12*11


polishe pearls

Friday Favorites (what you think I would leave you hanging? It's my blog I make the rules)
1. Florabella Doll, wardi
2. Corners of my home-shadows, simple sparrow
3. identification, Nina Marie Gilbert
4. just like grandma's, sarah is me
5. twinkle, mav_port to port
6. frost collage, pancakemama
7. heal, SuperScaryMary
8. starry starry night, dpcafe
9. dayofdead2, matirose
10. yes? , chilli monster


Becky said...

Great photos. And I love the starry pic. It's awesome!

Stacie said...

nice white teeth!! ;D