November 24, 2006

Day 14---11*12*11

Day 14 of 11*12*11

no camera today.... enjoy the world through these eyes....

Friday Flickr Favorites,

  1. Untitled, kookooface
  2. prayer, juliazed
  3. i'm bored, mommymoshpit
  4. Miss Liberty, JesC
  5. Just a spoonful of sugar, Nina Marie Gilbert
  6. It's love, Jocelyn
  7. bici, zepol
  8. la perlita, Bird in the Hand
  9. Closthesline, Astoria, Mary Catherine
  10. Cloud, wmchu
  11. untitled, fliegender
  12. Art Installation, menlo


Anonymous said...

oooh! you just made me so happy! what an honor that you likied one of MY pics. smile*


Stacie said...

hey! thanks for the link a dink!!