December 22, 2006

Can I getta a woot woot?

cowgirls 4
and the cowgirl themed booth set continues...
Happy (photobooth) Friday everyone.

A few favorites from Flickr to round out the Friday blog post...

Red Berries, whitneybee
thrifted xmas balls, leslie.keatings
gorgeous red, girlhual
satsuma, malisonian
the VC, JesC
Snowflake, 'daisies
Looking forward to the next few days off. I have one last gift I need to craft for the gift exchange and maybe a few little stocking stuffers for hubby. We haven't yet decided if we are actually doing presents for each other- nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?
We are hosting Christmas night dinner at our house with in-laws and out-laws and in-betweens. I am going to pull together a huge pan of lasagna and Andy is going to make his famous chocolate cheese cake.
Even though having everyone over is exhausting, it is a wonderful exhausting. A kind of warm and fuzzy, "I just had my family in my house to eat" exhausting. I love that we are making memories and adding to the good vibrations in the new house. It is what makes it a home.
Taken 2 years ago on Christmas morning. Elk, CA


angela said...

hooray for warm and fuzzies! it feels so great to celebrate in your own home. enjoy!
your "woot woots" crack me up Every time!
you girls rocked that booth :)

acumamakiki said...

You know I heart the cowboy series. I'm getting into a booth next week with my friend Heather and I can't wait!!
Happy, Happy. A pan of lasgna sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, esp. with chocolate cheesecake.

JessaLu said...

Great picture!

I'm sure your dinner will be awesome - have a happy!

Becky said...

Elk, CA is a beautiful place, but being home for Christmas is the best! We are having lasagna and cheesecake for our birthday dinner tomorrow. Yum!