December 30, 2006

Supporting Indie

Natalie was great to listen to last night.
She had some new material (which meant that Uma*, Q and I couldn't sing along with every song like last time) and she was well received by the crowd (much larger than the last time she was in town from LA).
Which meant selling CDs and t-shirts.
The cool part about the venue where she played (Walden's Coffee House) is that they do an open mic night every Friday. Which I knew about but haven't gone to in awhile. The other cool part is that it is a coffee house, so that means all ages, no smoking, and an intimate atmosphere (sometimes really intimate when there is a full band playing).
The mic and the room was scatterd with kids, teens 20-30 somethings and your hip seniors. I love that sort of thing. It is the way music should be shared- with everyone. They also have food and beer/wine, so you can enjoy while you listen.
Having all the other open mic-ers there playing music, gives out this really great sense of support. They all know what it takes to write, play and sing their own music. I loved watching and listening to all the different styles of musician last night.


acumamakiki said...

your photos here are really cool nessie. happy new year to you and yours! xo

The Whole Self said...

i heart live music.

happy new year dear bloggie friend.


Mandy said...

It sounds like you had a great time!! I love live music!! Happy New Year!!

Stacie said...

looks like fun! I am missing my gigging days...