December 24, 2006

Just Say No To The Christmas Sweater

My new "wellies"... a birthday gift from my mom.
Favorite new kicks
I am in love with them and make every excuse I can to wear them.
I have even worn them to work twice the past week.
Apron And Wellies
It is probably totally crazy and inappropriate work garb, but I don't care.
edited portion of today's post
I have decided to delete this paragraph where I bash the Crhistmas sweater... Let's just say I am making a choice to, "Just say no to the Christmas sweater". And will leave the house in something red and green, but I refuse to wear intarsia snowmen and puff ball nosed Rudolphs... and we will leave it at that.
Merry Christmas y'all...
now go over to Caro's neck of the woods and git yer self some musak to make your day be Merry and Bright!
Oh, and maybe you if you don't get an art for Christmas this year you might want to think about snagging some from me?
There is art to give away here people. I have 5 pieces (most like photography- you can even choose what you want from my Flickr set).

Done by me, made by me, sent by me- straight to you.

Look, it is happening over here, too.

The CATCH? well you just have to promise to post on your blog with in the next few days this very same wonderful offer. Think of it as "Creative Karma".
So if you are interested leave me a comment, first five get the goods...

ooh, I likey.


Stariel said...

I'd love some art! I already posted this on my non-knitting blog a while back but maybe I should "move" it to my knitting blog to fill up the remaining slots. :)

Deb R said...

I pink-puffy-heart those boots! Yum!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Vanessa.