January 23, 2007

doing less

Because so many of you responded to this post (Thanks by the way, for all of your responses, encouragement and sharing that you feel quite similar to the way I was feeling the other day.)I thought I would share a link to something that showed up in my in-box today. I love when things like this come to me, as if I had asked for them personally.

Oh, and speaking of things that "came to me"... I found a message in a bottle this weekend.
Yes, I did.
And here is what the message said,
"To the beholder of this letter: Love is the most powerful thing in the Universe. Only worthy of all that can give it. If you have the power don't keep it to yourself.
Give Give Give
I LOVE YOU, Andrew and Rose..."

The note was in Grolsh bottle of beer, crumpled and slightly burnt on the edges... the girls kept telling me there was just a wrapper in there, but I saw the little burnt edges and wanted it to be more- to have a message. I love this type of thing. Perfect- you have to open your eyes and take a moment to see things for more then they appear sometimes.


angela said...

a message in a bottle!??!! how romantic and unbelievable, did you keep the note?

"indulge in a feeling of utter contentment..." yes, i like the sounds of that.

caro said...

That's incredible! I'm so glad you kept your eyes (and your mind) open to receive the message. Beautiful!

Magatha said...

Yes, I have conspired to underachieve all my life, and I must say I've made quite the success of it! ;-)

I love that message in the bottle. What a find and what a gift!

Ani said...

it is good that you see the possibilities in the everyday...the others saw just a bottle, but you were open to receive its message. so wonderful.

amanda button said...

what a magical find!! And a wonderful message inside....thank you for sharing that!!!!

Jecca said...

A message in a bottle is so romantic and cyclical. I Love this! I'm so glad that you trusted yourself and found it.

Nanimal said...

I love the complete uncynicalness (um, word???)of the message in the bottle. That made me smile.