January 17, 2007

Where am I

I have been busy with work and teaching again this week.
I like that I haven't had much time to get on line, it is somehow refreshing. Has anyone else found that the more they look at blogs and the insane amount of creativity going on the more they feel like everyone else must be living in a different dimension? I mean when do these people find the time to create such amazing things, take such awesome photographs, birth such beautiful babies and still have a roof over their heads?
I am okay with it all, it is just sometimes I am truly amazed at what others are doing out there... am I just a bad time manager? hmm... how can you really manage time - Think about that statement for a second, go ahead I will wait....... time just keeps going, no matter what you do.

On Sunday I swung by JoAnne's fabrics for a bit of a fix. I have been wanting to make the pants from this awesome book, but needed a bit more fabric than I currently have at home. I thought about piecing together some of the fabric scraps I had, but decided for the first time around and because I am still learning to sew, I would go the easier route.
The fabric sits in the plastic bag on my craft room floor, untouched but not forgotten.... I will snap a few photos when I can get a bit of sun light. I really liked the colors I found and think these will sew up pretty easily.

I am getting more and more excited about my weekend get away with the girls.
There is talk of photobooths, dim sum, shopping, spa-ing, and bar hopping. I will have camera in tow and crisp dollar bills just in case we find a booth or two.

Andy and I have been cooking like crazy the past few days- I love being in the kitchen with him.

making sushi

chopping, rinsing, giggling and snacking. He is quite the cook/baker and it is something we are finding that we really enjoy doing together. It is nice when that happens. Such a good way to spend the time we have after work together.

That sums it up kids. not much else going on here at the Noodle House.
- I promise to have loads of photos when I return next week.


amanda button said...

Have BIG fun on your trip!!! I can't wait to see all the lovely photos!

Left-handed Trees... said...

I know what you mean about time management stuff...I am only now beginning to really get myself going creatively now that I'm on sabbatical. You know--maybe your creativity is just expressing in different venues. Like the cooking thing--I don't think M. and I have EVER taken the time to create a meal together like this. How beautiful...I hope your trip away is a blast!

Rachel said...

Come on, now -- your blog is one of the ones that makes me wonder why I'm not being more creative and spending more social time with girlfriends and doing yoga and all that! I think we all must get that impression from blogs because nobody details the time they spent scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush, you know?

Have a great trip!

Ani said...

sneak me in your suitcase!

maybe when you get back in town, we can finally hook up. time is so hard to get a hold of. i've just blogged about it too. at least when we get together, we can get a little knitting in, eh?

Becky said...

It sounds like your life is full of creativity. Cooking, photography, decorating. It's all around you. :)

angela said...

enjoy the weekend and don't forget your camera :)

Jecca said...

Time management and prioritizing my life is the theme of 2007 for me. I too feel completely overwhelmed by the creativity of others and their ability to accomplish regular life tasks at the same time. I think that we all feel that way at times. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it all...but not before my am cup of coffee.

sarah said...

I feel the same way about all the bloggers out there...how on earth do they have time for all the things they do??!!

kat said...

you know i try to work on something creative every night but i still find i don't have the output of some of these women whose blogs i read. i keep reminding myself that i have a fulltime job too so what i do get done is good. can't wait to see your photos from sf

Mouse said...

I feel that way sometimes too.. especially with the craft/sewing blogs. These girls have families, gorgeous houses and full time businesses - and still have time to blog about it all. I'm in awe.

Kathleen said...

sometimes a break is good.
hee. i do the same thing, though, when i read others' blogs...wonder where they have the time...and then i feel badly that i haven't kept up with reading all of them as much as i want to.

but life is there. must be lived.
houses must be cleaned and teeth brushed.
groovy trips to san francisco must be enjoyed...