January 14, 2007


The week flew past in a blur.
Work was busy. Consultants, server conversions (when did I become an IT nerd?), deadlines and lots of phone calls from parents and the public. Teaching yoga after work got me home around 7:30 or 8 every night. Andy was equally as busy. He was up late writing staff reports and preparing for next week, which is a big one for him at work.


The new yoga classes went well. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement!
I am thoroughly enjoying the use of my Christmas presents in class.
I have three enthusiastic 5 year olds and their mothers in my parent/child class. They make me laugh and I am looking forward to using the book, "The Giving Tree" next week to guide our practice. I love all the giggles and the excitement to pretend and make believe. When do we loose this gift? Do we keep it but just stuff it down? I wonder.... (actually been doing a lot of this kind of wondering lately... How can I bring in my imagination, playfulness and "self" back to my world every day? Working with these little humans is so good for me.)


The adult classes were both really great as well. I have groups who are not afraid to ask questions, and that is really great since I don't always know if I am making sense up there in front of the room. I have all levels and even some guys in the both the classes, which is really great. What I love most is that I leave class refreshed and re-inspired, something I hadn't expected after teaching (the inspired part, yes- the refreshed part, no).


We finally took down the tree and other holiday garb yesterday. (yes, I know. But I am not super woman and I don't have the time or the drive to always spend my weekends doing chores.) We also had a great dinner last night with friends and got to hang out with a two year old who loved Andy- I haven't seen him laugh so hard or turn that red in a long time. It was pretty cute.
Today was a sleep in day- I actaully stayed in bed until 9- a small miracle and tribute to how exhausted I am right now. It is lounge city here at the the Noodle House.

It is a short week coming up- what with tomorrow a holiday and Friday I take off from work and leave for a splendid weekend with 5 of my girls from high school. It should be a riot. We are headed to San Fran for choas , shopping and girl time. 4 of us are driving from Reno/ Nevada City and the other two are flying up from LA. I can hardly wait.
Road trips rock especially when they are with girls that you have know for so long and can be incredibly silly with.... lets hope the weather cooperates - the less snow the better.
Photos taken last April, on the beach in Cayucos, CA.
I am trying to pull from the archives, I realized how many photos I have that I need to look at again...

PS there is something fun going on. Wanna play? Check what Stacie has come up with now.


Stacie said...

I'm glad the yoga class was a hit! Aren't kids funny! At my house the Giving Tree is a fave... I think the key to capturing that youthful enthusiam is being around it... but they can also wear you down too, it's a double edged deal-y.
I love the beach shots, cold and grey, just like I remember! Have a great time with the gals...

angela said...

i love reading about the teaching/classes it's so inspiring and sounds so fulfilling.
the giving tree is one of the most interesting children's books ever written (imo).
great photos, beautiful grays...

punkrawkpurl said...

man... i love your ramblings! they are so well composed and inspiring.
the giving tree... i love to give that book as a gift.
maybe one of these trips you make to the bay we will be able to hang out. don't forget that i am at the coolest yarn shop in oakland!

amanda button said...

Yay for successful yoga classes! :) I think it is awesome you are using the Giving tree as an idea! So neat! i wish i could come take your class with my little one it sounds so fun! :)

those photos are AMAZING!!! I love how the birds kinda "emerge" from the mist, so lovely!