January 09, 2007

Full of nerves

Today is an ironic day...
We spent last night watching this basketball game. It was intense and I was over stimulated by the time I got home. I made some tea and managed to shatter it and spill the cup and all the boiling contents on myself. I had eatten crap before the game and my tummy was all a jitter. And to top it off I knew I had things to prepare for today, and had pushed them aside. Why do we do that to ourselves?
So today I am full of nerves because I start teaching once again. The irony is that I am teaching yoga, so nerves and ego should be peeled away. I should feel calm and collected about the whole thing. But I am not. I am nervous. I think it is because I am doing a Parent/Child class. I have taught adults and I am all good with that, but kids? What have I signed myself up for?Spikes
I keep telling myself that I will have a blast (which I know I will) but it is going to be SO DIFFERENT then adults. The room will be full of energy and imagination that isn't always present in the room when it is full of adults (sorry adults, we just don't have it like the kiddos do).

Will the class I have construted be entertaining?
Will it keep their attention for the entire hour and a half?
Will they be willing to play and learn?
Yes, they are kids, of course they will.Jumbo Rocks
I am using an old book of mine that is all about space ... What could be bad? Outterspace is fun. Weightlessness and floating? The mystery of it all that is above us and the idea that it is our "Last Frontier".

I am sure that what ever happens I will become more flexible (flexing the mind is almost more important than flexing the body, in my opinion). I will learn so much today starting at 4:30pm. I bet I will learn more about myself and about yoga then the kids/parents will. But isn't that how it goes? The teacher learns more than the students?
V_Next to Cactus
So here is to being a teacher, here is to becoming more flexible, here is to LEARNING...

(these photos were taken about 2 or 3 years ago at Joshua Tree National Park, earl July (HOT people HOT) on our way to San Diego)


Jecca said...

You will be a wonderful teacher tonight purely because you care so much about learning. On both ends. I can't wait to read about how it all went.

Ani said...

I'm excited for you! Can't wait to hear about it...

Stacie said...

great photos! Love the stickery one! You will do well with the wee ones, I know! I have never met you, but I can tell you have got just the right energy to keep the kids lookin at ya!

angela said...

i bet it was so fun :) i would love to do a class like that with my kids!

The Whole Self said...

love the pics!

i want my little bean to take your class!

Love Squalor said...

that second photo is *incredible* !!

yes, flexing the mind is almost more important than flexing the body - you've said it so well! i guess it is too late to say good luck - but i do hope it went well and continues in an enjoyable way.