January 08, 2007


What an amazing past two days... I didn't have my camera, and that was okay (although this photo was taken at Donner Lake and is a perfect example of what we saw while shoeing along the beach). There were moments where I wish I had the camera in my hands, but then again I can't always take in the moment when I am looking at the screen of my camera.

Saturday was Acro Yoga and laughter with the Canary*. Helping my mom with some condo related stuff (anyone out there want to buy a condo on Donner Lake?). Decompressing from the condo related stuff by snow shoeing around the park at the East end of Donner Lake with my mom, my man and the dog. And finally, a stop and impromptu dinner with family in Truckee- Surf, Turf, and Coop was on the menu along with roasted butternut squash, grilled sweet potatoes and grilled eggplant- MMMM!

On Sunday, teaching yoga one on one to one of the most amazing 70 somethings I have ever met. Then hanging out with one of my girls who is preggers- so amazing, always amazing what is going on in a body of a woman who is pregnant... napping on the couch with the kratins since the puppy was out and about with the man, and finally dinner with some more friends and more down to earth conversation ranging from dating to acupuncture to work to working out.... so real, so amazing, so alive today.
Thanks everyone for such an amazing recharge this weekend... Next weekend will not be as luxurious. I must get that tree down and out of the house, vacuum and all that goes with cleaning up the house after the holidays, can't someone do this for me?


Ani said...

sounds like a great weekend (aside from dealing with real estate)! i'll email you as soon as i get the hubby's schedule since school starts next week. let's get together soon!

Stacie said...

Nessie, your post are like a wave of calm! sounds like a great weekend!

Becky said...

It's always a choice whether to capture the moment with a photo or live the moment without the distraction of a camera. I think you have a good balance.

I'm glad you had a weekend to recharge yourself.

Rachel said...

Sigh. Sounds like a wonderful day. Isn't it too bad that they almost always come to an end with the crashing realization that there's always a long list of mundane things just waiting for attention (like taking down an X-mas tree -- that's the worst)? I hope you breezed through them all and continued to enjoy your sense of calm.