January 05, 2007

Sticking with a theme..

No photobooth today, but I thought I would put this old picture of me up just to show how long I have had this cowgirl hat obsession... I had no idea that I was such a cowgirl at heart. Truckee Cowgirl
I think I am about 3 in this picture, it is hard to say since I can't see my forehead... I have a scar from a fractured skull on the left side of my forehead (yep, fractured skull, 6 stitches, ICU, blood clot... in other words LUCKY TO BE ALIVE... and a very good reason why the bicycle helmet law is so very important!). The accident happened when I was about 3 and 1/2 year old....
I do know this was taken in Truckee (see the had says so) But since I have a jacket on I can't quite tell what time of year it is- it has been known to snow in T-town even in July...
This picture kills me... what a ham I am!

Happy Friday boothers and bloggers....
Go over to Hula's for a bit more of the real thang'
The weekend is promising to be a good one.. there is acro yoga (pictures from the last two times here and here), and teaching yoga (personal lessons are so wonderfully fulfilling and inspirational), and dinner with girlfriends. There maybe some ice skating down town and a bit of snowshoeing too... I need a nap!


Stacie said...

ride 'em cowgirl!! have a fun weekend Nessie!

Magatha said...

Fractured Skull! Well that explains everything! ;-)

What a cute kid you were! What a great smile!

Rachel said...

Great photo! And I love that "Truckee" on the hat could also mean "one who is trucked around" - such as by your parents.

If someone is going to have an enduring personality characteristic, an affinity for cowboy hats is not a bad one.

angela said...

so cute!!! i want to go iceskating and photoboothing.
helmet laws are good, and i am glad you pulled out of that scary fracture situation.
happy weekend friend!
i haven't forgotten about your mail - it is almost ready to go.