January 25, 2007

TILT 1-25-06

Free Hugs!

I must say, when I visit San Fran I often get totally overwhelmed by the humanity and the chaos and all of it. I want to look at everything, take it all in and then I realize that I have taken in too much. Like a sponge that has reached the point of total absorbtion I can't hold any more stimuli. This weekend's trip was no exception. I wound up with a head ache right behind my eye. But I rallied and downed some water and an Alieve and was good to go.

One of the best things I saw this weekend was a few guys in the middle of Union Square holding up signs stating "FREE HUGS" and it brought me back. I didn't get a chance to get my free hug, but just seeing this made me feel like I was a person again... hugs do that to a me- they remind me of my love of personal contact, one on one converstaion and love.
I am a hugger. It is just how I was raised. We hug and often time give big old kisses to each other (this by the way totaly caught my man off gaurd the first time hanging with the fam).

What can I say.
But doesn't giving someone your energy and you taking theirs feel so amazing?
Today's TILT is dedicated to all you people out there that I can't hug because you live somewhere far away- but know that my arms are wrapping 'round ya and I am giving you a squeeze- oh and this ain't no "butt poking out" kinda hug(you know what I mean, the fake kind, the I am not sure if I want to touch you kind), this is a full contact- full energy kinda hug- MMMMM!


Stacie said...

i feel the love! but Nessie, maybe I'm just a synic, but dudes giving free hugs are sorta icky!

angela said...

look at that red heart! i like the free hugs folks, makes me smile every.time. :)
i could look at these photos and just keep finding things i missed before, super shots!

Jecca said...

Man I could use a hug!