January 26, 2007

Almost as good as a photobooth Friday

We never made it to a photobooth last weekend. There were so many things to pick from to do with ourselves. We could have filled up a week with running around and site seeing and still not hit everything the 5 of us wanted to do.
I snapped this as we were headed up to the shoe department in Nordstrom's (can someone please explain to me the draw of this place? (not the shoe dept, Nordstrom's) I don't get it? Is there any other store that people will proclaim on their license plate holder as a place "they would rather be"? Isn't Nordi's just a glorified Macy's, and isn't Macy's just a glorified Ross?)
Any way, like I was saying- I snapped this shot as we were headed up to the shoe department. Someone noticed that we were reflecting nicely in the elevator doors.... I took the shot and there you have it.
Nordi's Elevator SP 1

I took a few more as well. (I made them shut the doors and go up and down a few times- aren't I nice?)
Nordi's Elevator SP 3
Nordi's Elevator SP 2
I kinda like the ones where no one is paying attention.
I have known these girls forever. I have been roommates with two of them and known one of them pretty much since birth. I feel really lucky that we continue to keep in touch. I am also pretty impressed that we didn't strangle each other while sharing one room, two beds and one bathroom for the weekend...Come on- that is a small space and lots of blowdryers-.

Now for some real booth action, go on over to the new Flickr group that Hula created...


angela said...

i've always wondered about the Nord's thing too, i totally thought it was a hyped up macy's...

great captures in the mirrors, sounds like such a great time with your girls :)

Becky said...

Very fun photos. The disjointed reflection gives a great effect.