January 28, 2007

love in an envelope

I think we all dig when there is something in the mail other than bills and adverts right?

riding past the yellow house

Even though I use email probably more than I should to communicate with people in my life, I still LOVE to send out cards and goodies in the mail. (I even have a favorite post office and a favorite post lady who is a character right out of a movie. She is plumb and wears her hair in the wildest up-do ever. She wears buttons and "flair" and always lets you cut back in line if you didn't fill out a form correctly the first time)
I like to imagine what the person looks and feels like when they see an envelope, hand addressed sitting in the box. When I get mail that isn't bills or credit card offers I always try to guess who it is from just by the handwriting on the envelope. I have a few friends that I can guess immediately just by the way my name is scrawled across the middle of the paper.
I love that.

butterfly wing
And because I love that, I want to give a little "woot-woot" to a few people. Beacuse they have filled my mail box with joy.

A little thanks out there to a few people who have sent me things in the past month or two. People who I have never seen or met in person. My name written in a handwriting that is unfamiliar, yet totally fits...has been showing up in my mail box. It is exhilerating and wonderful- mostly because these people are sharing part of themselves with me. There have been things like photography and music and art work.Things like "lobster egg" gum balls and fabric and sweet sweet words. And plans are brewing to even meet one of these people to do a west coast version of this...
These things in an envelope took time and creativity and love. And these woman headed out to the post office just because I said I liked something they did. They were nice enough to put my name on an envelope and lick a stamp (or stick a stamp, what ever the case might be.
But those ladies help to make my trips to the mail box so much fun.
Pink Wing

So here is to JesC, I have these hanging in my living room.
Stilt Houses 1
Stilt Houses 2
Stilt Houses 3
Stilt Houses 4

So here is to LeSophie, I have this in my car stereo.

So here is to Angela, I have this (or a version of it anyway)waiting to be framed (and a few others waiting to be passed on in the mail to others)

Thank you ladies for making my life a little fuller, a little more creative and for the connections....


Stacie said...

yay for mail!!!! lovely stuff, love love love the photos!

Left-handed Trees... said...

I HEART happy mail days...hope you get many, many, many more!

LeS said...

You are SO very welcome Ness! Enjoy, enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Nes, are you referring to Galena branch?....the little post office by Ben Franklin's in Shopper's Square. If that's the same lady, she helped me out when I was mailing something to a "Secret Santa" in December. I told her I was too tired to drive up to Portola to mail a letter and could she disguise a post mark.....and she did it for me.....ooops she told me not to tell anyone so everyone keep it quiet!
Barbara C.

angela said...

you know i Love the woot woot :)

Nessie Noodle said...

ha! Barbara, that is the gal. Isn't she a hoot. I think I go in there just because I could write a novel about that woman. She is such a curious person...
Too funny.

The Whole Self said...

mail love! love it. i still think of you every time i slip on those yummy socks :)

Becky said...

Cool photos. Happy Mail -- no bills, no ads, just happy thoughts. :)