May 22, 2006

Knitting Monday and weekend update

Hey Look!!!

baby sweater

Hey Look!! more knitting~ isn't it grand? I am using the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book and some yarn that I recieved in a swap from Becky. It is lovely soft Debbie Bliss- feels really good in my hands... I finished the tomato hat this weekend, but forgot to take pictures of the finished product this morning. It came out really really cute!
baby sweater
Had a wonderful weekend but I am exhausted from all the driving- the rain was crazy on the way home, but would do it all over again.

My favorite part of the weekend was going to a place in Oceano called Melodrama This gang of actors/singers/musicians were amazing. I really enjoyed it. If you have the chance, go check them out- well worth the trip.


This is a friend I made while walking on the beach Saturday morning...

We hung out with the inlaws- it was great. Wandered around an AWESOME fabric and yarn store (I got some really cool oil cloth I am going to make a summer bag out of), enjoyed the fog (what? we don't get fog here), took tea

tea & scones

laughed and drove home~ ahh it was nice.

This week might be low on posts- we are MOVING!!!and the computer at home is dead as a door nail.

A few more pictures...



JessaLu said...

Love the photos!

Make sure you check the errata on that baby sweater - the version in the book puts the placket in the wrong spot. Unless, of course, you like your plackets off center. If this is the case, just keep knitting ;o)

Stacie said...

Happy moving! Woo Hoo! You have such an open heart, I love to read your musings. The picture of the muffin on floral plate made a tear squeek outta my eye! Swwwweeeett!

Jennifer said...

Great pics. I took tea this weekend too!

mf said...

Great pictures, you & your mom look great! Happy belated anniversary! good Luck with the move and hte house! Congrats!

kat said...

love the succulants. the baby sweater is looking good too!

Penny Karma said...

You have the most stunning blue eyes!

lovegreendog said...

wow, what a darling little sweater, great work.