May 19, 2006

Photo Booth Friday- Anniversary Addition

3rd Anniversary Photobooth

On Wed. it was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I have said it before, I am gonna say it again- I love this man.
We had one of the most *bestest* nights out. Lovely dinner out side on a patio (until it started to rain, which felt good, but not so tasty in our food) a photobooth session, and a very long and wonderful walk to the park (and by the new house) that just set me happy. I even got him to run through the sprinklers with me.
It was a wonderful day and I feel like the luckiest couple alive. we have so much happening that is GOOD right now it isn't even funny...

I think the last two are my favorites, because this is how we really are~ :)
Happy PBF everyone
Need more? Check out Andrea's blog-the one who started it all. as well as here and over here too~

PS I am off to the coast~ woo hoo, see ya later desert~
PPS Look what I started last night since I had time to just sit and not worry about a thing:
Tomato hat

see, I told you all I could knit!
It's a hat- (pattern by Ann Norling, that will look like a tomato) for my cousin's baby that is on the way. Tomato hatI started a sweater, but dropped a few stitches got frustrated with the yarn and frogged it... I think this is cuter anyway- hope she likes it!


Jennifer said...

You two are so cute. :)

KnittyOtter said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Great pictures. :D

Cute hat. ;)

Jennifer said...

A tomato hat - cute! Love the photos and the sprinkler fun. Sounds like a perfect night.

Rachel said...

That last photo in the strip is just too sweet. Happy anniversary! I know it's a cliche but it's true: Ain't love grand?

lovegreendog said...

the last photo is really nice, you can see the love between you.

a tomato hat is the cutest idea i have heard of for a hat, she will love it :)

Becky said...

OMG! Knitting!

Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute.

Mandy said...

You two are sooo cute! Happy anniversery!! OMG.....actual knitting! :) It looks good the tomato hats are very cute!!

Stacie said...

GET A ROOM! xoxo!

JessaLu said...

aaawww you guys look so happy!

Happy Anniversary! :o)

The Whole Self said...

your pics are so stinkin' cute. i say this with all the photobooth love in my heart.

LeS said...

Those are great shots. See I go and make you get more pb photos and then you link to me and then I don't put one up this week! Argh. Hope the beach weekend (rain or not) was great and happy anniversary!

I'll be up next Friday for sure - no excuses:)!

andrea said...

happy anniversary! I can think of no better way to mark the occasion than a trip to the photobooth. those last two are my favorites (and your HAIR, I am bananas over your hair)...!