May 24, 2006

Apron Swap MeMe & T.I.L.T.

I am participating in the What's Cookin' Swap here is a meme for the fun of it:

1. first apron (that you can remember)
Frist apron would have to be the one I wore as a waitress working at Bruno's Country Club. I was probably about 15 or 16, it was just a simple black half apron with pockets- typical waitress attire.

2. last (most recent) apron
My mom has recently been finding super cool vintage aprons, some of them are sassy others are simple and utilitarian. Also, I made hubby an apron for Christmas and he wears it when he cooks- it is so stinkin' cute.

3. dream/favorite apron
A dream apron would be made out of funky print material. It would have pockets to keep stuff in, a spot for a towel to hang and probably only be the type you tie around your waist, not the full smock-

4. dream sewing machine
hmm, one that doesn't jam. Other than that it doesn't really matter :)

5. what do you put in your pockets? or what strange thing have you ever found in them?
If we are talking apron pockets then I would have to say that a spoon or spatual, a hand towel- usually some of what ever I am making at the moment winds up in them and my hands

6. condiment(s) you can't live without
Sriracha hot sauce (I usually call it "cock sauce", what? there is a cock on the bottle), Sierra Nevada Dijon mustard, and of course SnP.

7. do you wear more showy aprons or dutiful ones?
I would say showy, yet functionable.

8. favorite cooking gadget
Hands down my avocado slicer thingy- It is awesome, it scoops it slices and it works perfectly every time.

9. cooking gagdet that promised the world but didn't deliver
Shrimp deviener- it is just so much easier to use your hands and a knife.

10. a recipe that you know by heart and any stories behind it
I would have to say that either my chocoalte chip cookies reciepe or else my risoto receipe.
I have been making the chocolate chip cookies since before I can remember, I even have a scar from where I burned my arm on the cookie sheet when I was about 3- always in the kitchen with my mom...
The risotto receipe is just something that is simple and easy and can be altered to add in what ever is in season - asparagus, squash... mmmm, comfort food.

Just to keep with the food/kitchen theme and because I just love this photo here is todays Things I Love Thursday:
display monster

PS we are signing papers today!! And I think getting the keys! this is nuts-o


lovegreendog said...

a fantastic photo this thursday!!!! oh the sign , it is priceless :)

congrats again on your new home :)

Jennifer said...

great photo, missed this yesterday...

my house is cuter than yours said...

yes! i love cock sauce too! i have been calling it rooster sauce all these years...oh! i'm changing it to cock sauce now! ha ha ha!

Julia said...

The brussel sprouts pic is so hilarious! LOL!

Hung Lo Lee said...

Hi, please try some Kock Sauce!