April 07, 2006

Passport- Photobooth Friday~

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This picture has a really silly story behind it.
I went to Spain prior to my last semester in college. We stayed in Madrid in the dorms, but had the freedom to travel on the weekends.

A gang of us decided that we wanted to go from Madrid to Barcelona to hang out for the weekend-
We of course didn't make any plans/reservations and when we got into Barcelona we wandered around for hours until we found a hostel that actually had a room- there were 8 of us, but we managed to all squeeze into the room (and one bed if I remember it right)-
The second night we were there we found a better place to stay, but the neighborhood wasn't any better. (I want to say Los Robles or something like that...) Anyway my friend Mel and I decided that we didn't want to go out that night so we were walking back from dinner together sipping on can of beer and yacking in English to each other.. Prime targets for getting robbed-
Before we knew it our purses had been ripped off and we were standing in the street with no money, no id, no nothing-
Let's just say that we got to ride in a police car and realize just how much Spanish we didn't know while trying to talk to the police. (however, I do know how to say purse and robbed now VERY well)
When we returned to Madrid we had to go to the US Embassy to get new passports- that is where this photo was taken.
There was a sign in the booth that said look here, that is why I am looking up into space. I look like a crazy person- I can't find the one of Mel, but her's is equally if not more hysterical than mine. The lady behind the counter actually cracked up out loud when she handed the new passport to us-"what are you two looking at in these pictures?" she asked.
We wandered back to the dorms, fresh passports in hand and decided not to go back to class that day. Instead we stopped at a little cafe and ate octopus and had wine. We tipped the hot Spanish waiter in American money and made him laugh- ahh, that was a good trip-

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LeS said...

ahhh, octopus, wine and hot Spanish waiters...now that sounds great!

andrea said...

What a very cool, interesting story. I loved reading about it...and hot spanish waiters, yum!

madness rivera said...

It looks like a mug shot - ha! Mug Shot Fridays. Great story though; better memories I'm sure.

lovegreendog said...

that is a great story, and ya i'll take the waiter and the wine :D

andrea said...

this is why I started photobooth fridays: the stories, man! so great. okay, yeah, I love the way photobooth snaps look... but more than anything, there always seems to be a terrific story behind each one.

and I love how dreamy-eyed you look in this one. not exactly on purpose, I realize... which makes it funny.

love this.


poppy said...

yeah, great story behind this! i'm wishing i would've had the experience! even getting robbed (because it was in barcelona sounds kind of exciting!)

Stacie said...

good road story! I wanna go and eat tapas all day with hot spanish waiters! Oh yeah!

Carolynn said...

Hi there! I live in Reno too and I saw your post on meetup.com. I am looking for some people to hang out and knit with. I would like to come and knit with your group. Please e-mail me and let me know the details. Thank you! :)

Teri M. said...

Great story! I love the little flourishes they added - the stars, etc.

Thanks for visiting mine!