May 04, 2006


Things I love Thursday.

Today is dedicated to the Point Arena Light House.

Hubby snapped these photos and I am totally in love with them.

I usually hog the camera, but every now and then I pass, (er share) it over to him and he takes some really great shots.
This light house has some really great history. Link on over to the website and check it out, better yet go and visit Point Arena, California.
It is one of my favorite places in the world...

More T.I.L.T here


Stacie said...

that is sooo cool that you can climb in it! Have you ever been to Point Reyes?

Nessie Noodle said...

yeah, they used to let you go into where the lens is but some lady decided to scratch her name in it with her diamond ring- LAME.

No, nver to Pt. Reyes... though I know it is gorgeous.

lovegreendog said...

very cool pictures, spiral staircases have always been a favorite of mine, as a kid i always thought that where ever they led, it would be magic.

Kathleen said...

so beautiful...breathtaking, actually.
seems like a very magical place.
thank you for sharing!

JessaLu said...

Very cool photos!

LeS said...

Ness, you head out this way ever and I'll take you to Pt. Reyes. It is magic.

Hope your weekend holds some magic.

p.s. visit the photobooth yet?

andrea said...

oh wow, these photos are FANTASTIC.