May 08, 2006

Evolution or Change is Good or The Blue Me

Guess what day it is?

And I have been doing a bit of thinking.
I realize it.
I admit it.
I am not sure if I am going to say sorry or not.
I like the way things have evolved around here.

This whole thing started out as a knitting blog.
A place to post pictures of the fiber, needles, felting and other knitting goodies. But slowly over the past few months I have slowed down on the knitting, and sped up on the photography and other such things.
The knitting hasn't taken the front seat (well unless you count the knitting while driving thing that happened a few months back. What? I had a baby shower gift to finish.)
I know that many of you have come here in search of knitting progress, and stash updates and maybe just maybe an original pattern... But alas all you find are crazy pictures of my adventures of things happening in my life and words that might not really interest you.
I will start posting pictures of my knitting once again (once I get something on the needles) I just got the new IK mag and it has some really cute summer-y things that I think I need to tackle (especially since I have a wedding or two to attend, which equates to showers which means cute summer clothes and I am totally over shopping right now), and I have about 3 babies to prep for (what is with my friends, there so something in the water, or it could just be that we are at that prime baby makin' age)
There will be knitting content, but just not at the rate there was back in October or November. Until that point though I will continue to take pictures of the world around me. Because, darn it- the world is fascinating, and there is so much good stuff to see- and I love to show it from my eyes, from my point of view, and hopefully inspire all of you to see it in a new way and share with us too.

So until further notice this blog has just evolved (so I hope you are down with Darwinism) with bits of my life and my craftiness and my adventures.

I hope you all stick around, because I really like all of you- I DO and I would be sad if I lost your readership just because I stop posting pictures of hats, or socks or yarn and needles. Really, I would.
So just remember that things don't always have to follow the same direction. Life is full of change and challenges that is what makes it so sweet, no?
Take this picture for instance,
Ms. Daisy (pink hair) has just received a nasty sliver in her thumb because she was trying to help Ms. Noodle (blue hair) up on the porch that has no stairs- pain, challenge- over come it... I got up there onto the porch and we got that sliver out lickity split.

Speaking of change, what do you all think of the change of color in my life? I am TOTALLY loving it. I love that I have a fairly serious job (what? How does that work?). I have to deal with the public, I have to deal with school principals and school district administrators, parents and city planners- and they have to take me seriously because, well, I usually know what I am talking about.
Ha! Imagine that, hair color really doesn't determine your intelligence. It is a really good social/psychological test. If you have it in you, you should try it some time. It is really interesting. (just notice the difference in reaction between men and women, or between kids and adults. It is hysterical!)


Ramona said...

I like the blue and the cut.

lovegreendog said...

i love the hair and your evolving blog, keep writing, and photographing i like seeing your point of view.

Karen said...

I love, love, LOVE your hair! I wish mine was dark enough to do blue streaks. It's too reddish-brown for blue streaks...maybe red? Did you do it yourself or have it done at the salon? And I don't mind the evolution of your blog. After all, things become stagnant if they don't get stirred up once in a while.

JessaLu said...

I LOVE you hair!

It's making me think longingly of the jar of Manic Panic in screaming red I have in the bathroom...hrmmmm (I had a very VERY red streak in my hair when I went back to work a little over a year ago and I just let it fade out)

I just might have to stir things up around here a bit - thanks for the idea ;o)

Nessie Noodle said...

Thanks gang! I am glad to hear that you don't mind the diversions until I get back into the knitting groove.

Thanks for the hair comments too!

Karen, I had it done at the salon- my hair is pretty dark, but my kick a** hairdresser worked in some black to even it all out. Do something crazy and unexpected- it feels GOOD!

Jennifer said...

I'm going to continue to read! Love the hair.

Stacie said...

I love the pictures and reflections on "the Noodle". It's soooo "knitting lifestyle"!

kat said...

luckily we like seeing the owrld through your camera! we will be back! anyway love the hair color...i'm licky to be in a business where crazy hair color usually means you do know something!