April 05, 2006

SPTuesday, er Wed & G is for

So the SPT challenge this month is to be a FOOL - be silly be crazy... That said here is a very very silly picture of hubby and I being goofy at a new year's eve party.
I also realized that I need to put up a picture for G in the ABC along- This photo works great-
G is for Goofy Geographers.
Hubby and I are both Geographers by training and by career. We met in a GIS class and haven't ever looked back. Geography is a way of life it is what shapes our world- physically, mentally, culinarily (is that a word?), scientifically, culturally, politically, cartigraphicaly- you get the idea. I love being a geographer-
This picture actually made it into our wedding slide show and got a ton of hoots and hollers-
Speaking of hooting and hollering, I just got a report from my site meter- seems I get an average of about 55 views a day on this site, yet strangely I hardly ever get more then 5-10 comments. What is that about? (like my segway into this demand to de-lurk??) So here is the challenge, be silly, be goofy, and be de-lurk. Give me a holler y'all-

Tomorrow- sock progress... Yeah, remember this is a knitting blog.


Rachel said...

Yeah, I think it's pretty standard to only get comments from about 10 percent of readers. Unfortunately.

Love that photo! Looks like you guys are having a great time.

Stacie said...

you goofy geographers you! ok, I'll admit looking at your site about 40 times a day! Not lurking, just stalking!!!!!

Jennifer said...

That is such a cute pic!

lovegreendog said...

now i'm going to have to go digging for some of our goofy wedding pics! good one!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Wow! I average about the same number of comments to my posts, but I average 240 visitors a day... You have a much better commenter percentage than I do!

I love the photo BTW!

Stariel said...

I'm a regular reader, although I don't think I've comented before.

Cute picture. :)

Ramona said...

I recently went to a lecture given by Jared Diamond. You gotta love a good Geographer (and you guys can dance)!

JessaLu said...

I've heard the '10 percent' thing, too. Not sure if it's right, but I've heard it...

Cute picture!