March 11, 2006

Givin' Props!

This is a quick little post to give props to one jewel of a lady. As you might now, I am participating in the Felted Secret Pal. This started in January, first present had to be out by February 10th.... well, the days ticked by and no sign of a secret pal, "Boy, is she SECRET!" I thought to myself. I sent out a package to my pal and waited, and waited and waited. I started to think that the post person had offed with my present, a knitter at heart he could smell the yummy fiber and decided to keep it.... Still more time passed, and all the sudden it is March and the second package is supposed to be at my door step- nope.
So I contacted the Felted Secret Pal hostess to let her know what was up. She tried with out luck to contact the missing swappper- and finally decided to re-assign me. I have been contacted by my new pal - Hi! new pal, are you there??? And to make things even better, yesterday I found a little present in the mail from the hostess herself, the fabulous Lu.
Inside were THREE skiens of Brilla, colorway 103 (which have magically jumped onto the needles and started to form themselves into a, htat yarn has some talent!) as well as
a skien ofFilatura Di Crosa, Pixel. I had been checking out this yarn over on Lu's Flickr page so she new that I loved it... What a doll.
Thanks Lu, you have brought the magic back into the secret pal swap for me.

I will post pictures when I get my camera back from Portland, OR on Sunday. :)


Jennifer said...

I wish people didn't drop out of swaps with no word or warning. I'm glad you got hooked up with someone new though! And Lu, she's the best.

Rachel said...

I wish broken needles and skeins with lots of knots on your runaway sock pal. That's way uncool. But that was totally awesome of the host -- what a gem.

Nessie Noodle said...

You are cracking me up Rachel!
It is a total bummer that she dropped out. I just hope that she is okay, it is strange to just drop off the face of Blogland, don't you think??

Becky said...

I'm so glad you got a new pal. I was feeling pretty bad for ya whenever I posted my goodies. Lu is running a great swap, isn't she! Have fun with that new yarn.

tammy said...

that stinks. I agree, that my first concern was that the person is okay. & if they are okay, I agree with rachel, sroken needles, & knotty yarn all the way.
cannot wait to see pics of your new treasures.

FSP said...

You bet your booty I'm out here! Um, this is your new secret pal. And speaking of booty. Well,anyway, a package will be on the way to your neck of the woods on Wednesday. That means you should get it over the weekend or maybe on Monday if that fiber-sniffing postal person gets hold of it.

Have a lovely week!

JessaLu said...

It sucks that your first SP disappeared and I hope nothing bad happened to her - however, if she's just flaking I agree on the broken needles & knots ;o)

Your host is way cool for sending on goodies!

Stacie said...

that was a nice act of kindness by the hostess! that is why I don't join the SP society, I am a flaky ziff! better luck with your new pal!