February 21, 2006

Post 101

I am alive and breathing- Just OVER the top busy!!!!
Things are crazy over at the Noodle House. There are lots of changes in motion right now, I will give more details once things are solidified-

We had a long weekend that included a funeral and an early morning (i am talking birds aren't even awake early-I am talking we should have just stayed up all night early) drive over Donner Pass to the Bay Area. Despite the reason, the visit with the family friends was a good one- sometimes the best thing you can do is have people around to make you laugh and smile- to remember the person who has moved on to the next stage of this crazy existence. I couldn't help but think all weekend about the book Mutant Message Down Under...
And while sitting in the Catholic church I tried really hard to make connections with the things I am learning in yoga to what the priest was talking about -life death love hope faith community forgiveness-. The pipe organ at the church sent me much as the harmonium does while at the studio when we chant-
It is funny to think of the parallels that cultures and religions have (music, movements, repetition, rituals)It fascinates me and I am working on looking at it all with a great deal of acceptance and non-judgment.

Needles to say, I was NEEDLE-Less all weekend. I am not sure if I am going to make my Olympic dead line with the Mrs. B's. Although I do have a plane ride to Denver tomorrow that could allow a bit of knitting... hmmm.

My yoga class starts this Saturday- I have a crazy number of people signed up already- over 12- YIKES- how cool is that though. It should be a really great learning experience for me (and hopefully those who are attending).

I promise to post sometime later this week, but since I will be away from home it will have to wait..
Hope everyone is well in blogland- check back in on Friday :)


kat said...

needles-less all weekend yikes!

Liz said...

congrats on the yoga class filling up, that must be so exciting for you...

Stacie said...

sounds busy! I wish there was yoga in my area! I miss it! Congrats on your ton of students and good luck in all you do!

tammy said...

the next time you are in the bay area, on less "serious" biz, make sure to let me know! we can do lunch & knitting! I will chaffuer you to all of the lys's! well maybe not ALL, there are tons here.
& as for your class, you will rock! keep smiling!

Kimberli said...

Inhale...exhale... ahhhh.
You'll plow through it all with Gusto! I just know it! I'll check back! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!