February 02, 2006

Morning Messages

Has anyone else noticed that there are more things talking to you than just your rice krispees every morning?
A few months ago I realized that there were. I came across the fact that there are messages everywhere.
I like it.
I especially like it when the messages are subtle and you have to notice them on your own. The kind of thing where you have to be paying attention otherwise you will miss it-
"When you first see a new picture, you don't want to miss the boat. You have to be very careful, you might be staring at Van Gogh's ear."
(quote from the Basquiat soundtrack).

I collect fortune cookie fortunes,

and so when I noticed that my tea and my raisins also had something to say I was excited!

I love that there is a little message there to great me as I slowly wake up each day. As the steam from the boiling water steeps the tea, I to "steep" into a richer person. Just as the honey and milk make it cool and sweet, I too become the same.

As I hold the warm mug in my hands I look down to read the quote and smile. I try to think about how I can apply the words I read to the day. Sometimes the words are right on track, other times I have to think about what it is all supposed to mean.

For the yoga teacher training I recently read an article that talked about the importance of ritual and spirituality. How even the smallest things that we do every day can blossom into much more over time. Doing something that has a spiritual connection doesn't mean that it has to be a huge undertaking, ordeal or involve anyone else but yourself. I like to think of my morning cup of tea, and my box of raisins as a seed that will become a flower of my spirituality. The quotes and words of wisdom help me make it this so.

I was debating saving this post until week "F is for..." In the ABC along, but I just needed to post it... So here it is. n-joy


Whit said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Iris said...

So right! I enjoyed reading it very much.

tammy said...

i have been drinking good earth tea, almost daily since 1989 (freshman year of college). I look forward to that quote every morning. I was soooo happy to read that I am not alone. I always worried that the quotes may somehow be neglected, unappreciated.

Kimberli said...

Thanks for this --- it came at just the right time!

kat said...

funny i have fortunes tapped all over my office...here are two of my favorites..
"among the lucky, you are the chosen one"
"you will be in the best position"

caro said...

I collect fortunes too. My fave by far is, "Soon, and in pleasant company."

Becky said...

What nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing these insights. I have missed reading the blogs lately, and this reminded me why.

Love the Scrabble charm/marker!

Jen said...

Just goes to show there are messages all around us. Great entry!!

Could you by chance tell me the html code for the buttons in your sidebar for other peoples blogs. I have buttons under my links, but no one can see them. I see them from my home computer, but no where else. Obviously I have something wrong with my code. Thanks!!