December 05, 2005

Maps Maps Maps

REVISED!! I just fixed the link, so go ahead and try it again- thanks!

Okay, I am a geographer. I play with points, lines and polygons all day. I also play with aerial photography and demographics all day too. My husband is also a geographer-This is how we met. (I talked him into traveling to Mexico for school credit during a class we were both in one day and he talked me into taking a stand by flight and a crazy bus ride to the Coast Allegre, the rest is history).
The room where our computer is has the walls covered in maps, even the shade covering the window is an old 1952 map of the us, the kind that used to hang up in class rooms-
Why I didn't jump on the Frapper band waggon sooner is beyond me. This is the sort of stuff I love.
Here it is, just one more map in my life.
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Or you can click on the Map it, Map it good link to the right.


YarnB said...

Nessie! You wrote me on my blog about LYS in Arizona. There are some really incredible ones here by the way. If you email me, I can give you their names. I have been to Reno. I like it there!! You have that great store JimmyBeans!


Becky said...

Hi Nessie!

I can't add myself to your frappr on that link. Is there another one? Am I missing something? Great pics!