December 09, 2005

Bells ring, are you listenin'

I cast on last night for the Mrs. B KAL that Whit is hosting (see the previous post for detials)and have one "bell" complete! I decided on the black with the 'wine' color kid haze.
NOTE!! To all of you who are participating, cast on Loosey-Goosey with that kid haze! Other wise you will be thinking the "B" in Mrs. B. stands for something other than Beeton. Also, I am not sure if I did my first "bell" correctly, I didn't carry the kid haze along with the MC, I think it will be okay, but I am worried it is a bit wonky... just a few words of advise. Otherwise, I am really happy with my results thus far. I will post pics on my blog this weekend if I have time.

1 comment:

Whit said...

Pictures, PLEASE Ms Vanessa!!