October 02, 2005

Wait a minute Mr. Postman...

Just an average Saturday morning, reorganizing my closet and getting things cleaned up around the house... When all of the sudden... Hubby says, there is a box on the porch for you! YIPPPPPPEEEE!
Oh what could it be?? I love packages. Open, open, open, open..

Look at all those colors.
4 skiens each of Wool of the Andes (WOTA)
Snickerdoodle, Rain, Grass, Mist, Daffodil, Cranberry
3 skiens of Shadow in Vineyard
2 skiens each of Andean Treasure
Peach and Wild Rose

I am lovin' Knit Picks right now.

----After hearing my ooooh and ahhh Hubby walks in the livingroom and says, "Whoa, you got a lotta stitching to do sista! Where you going to store all that fiber??

hmmmm.... good questions. Good thing we just moved around the living room- these little night stands should do the trick.

Some one else wants to help organize all the yarn, Gertrude Marie just loves yarn.

Look how pretty it all looks stacked up in there. I can hardly wait! I must put a dent in that stash.

October projects:

baby hats x 5

sweater to purse x2

polar navel hat or polar scarf x1

mini sweater x1

flower face cloth x5

felted yoga bag x1

PLUS-It's my sweet mother in laws birthday this week, so I have to figure out a giftee for her. Also have sisters in law (they are twins) and Tiffany's birthday coming up in November. It is the birthday season in my family right now...

I am off to knit--


Susan said...

WOOOWHEEEEE!!! I am comin' to your house! I'll bring the sticks, you supply the coffee! We'll have such a good time! Party at Nessie Noodle's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

And it appears Knitpicks loves you too. Nice haul.