September 29, 2005

Back Burner

Not a whole lot of knitting to speak of, or a whole lot of anything 'hobby-ish' for that matter. I have been taking care of my hubby since he hurt his knee last week. He can't drive, so I am the taxi to and from work (this cuts a lot of time out of my knitting, yoga....).
I have two projects in process right now

1. a small bowl to be felted
2. a flower face cloth

and Hubby said that if I am knitting, then he will too- so I better get going or he will never have a hat.

I have to get some things together for the craft fair I signed up for- I think that a large majority of things I will sell will be photographs... I have SO many. and with my new digi cam I can't stop taking pictures!


Melanie said...

I LOVE that your hubby knits! That's fantastic. What a strong man to 1- want to learn and 2- let himself be photographed doing it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,

Nessie Noodle said...

Yes, he is quite the man- although I do have to say, he had no choice about the photo- he couldn't move because of the ice on his bum knee- Muuuuaaahhh - trapped!