October 18, 2005

Variation on a Fixie

The Fixie is done- I used Cascade Fixation for this and #7 needles. and second is right behind it. For this one I used some left over Rowan Polar and # 9 needles. It came out a bit bigger then I had hoped, more of a hat for a 9 month old than a newborn... But that is because I can't follow directions. Or is it really because I am too cheap to buy the right size needles?
To do the 'ears' I turned the piece in-side-out and weaved the yarn on a diagonal from the side to the top and back down to the other side. I pushed the triangle in and then pulled and tied the woven yarn tightly. Turn it back right side-out and you have little ears.

Here is the baby that the first hat is for- isn't she beautiful???

I am thinking that I will send the Polar Fixie to Kicky back in MN. Since mom says it is the "deep freeze" I think a nice warm hat will do the trick! Kicky should be born any day now, I can't wait to see pictures (and visit for that matter!)

Fall is definitely in the air here in Reno- it actually snowed on the hills last Saturday morning- it was really beautiful the way the white played off the golden glow of the aspen groves that are showing up on the hills. I think I want to take a ride up to the hills to take pictures before they all turn brown and fall off. These photos were taken on my morning walk yesterday. I live right by a park with an arboretum. What a great way to start out my day.


Dani said...

so cute! (the baby, and the hats too)

Thanks for the yoga suggestion, until I get the 100% all clear from PT and the orthopedist that my bulging disks are better, I can't explore that option- YET. I see the ortho next month and while my neck and shoudler arent perfect they are WAY better than they were and I hope to get clearance =)

Becky said...

Great hat. Beautiful baby. That ear technique sounds like a cool trick.

Mandy said...

Great hat!! That is a pretty cool trick!

Jenn said...

what a beautiful baby!

Nessie Noodle said...

yes, little Mia Jane is a sweetie! (the pressure is on for my hubby and I to start our family since 7 of our friends are having kids! yikes!)
thank for all the hat compliments-

mf said...

What a cute baby! Very cute hats too!