October 15, 2005


I never really saw myself as an obsessive person. I wasn't one of those kids who could be put in the "Super Fan" category for any band (okay, there was that little stint with the NKTOB-but I was 13 and didn't know any better). Anyways, I haven't usually let something absorbs me, and take over my thoughts- but sitting here today, I realize that I have been in complete denial- I am obsessed. Here is a list of my latest addictions:

  1. yarn (and all things knitting)
  2. blogging
  3. yoga
  4. digi cam(here and here are evidence)
  5. surfing the internet
  6. looking at other peoples blogs and getting lost in "blogville"

I suppose this isn't bad, but.... It is starting to consume me. Shouldn't work be on there? Isn't that the rule, find a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life. hmmm, maybe my obsessions are trying to tell me something.

There, I admitted it- Isn't that half of the battle?

But! Wait, what if I don't want to become un-obsessed with these things? Here is the tricky part, I am really afraid that at some point one of these things is going to fade off into the sunset and not be on that list anymore- will that make me less of the person I want to be? I am especially worried about my yarn yoga and photography addictions- I WANT those to be part of who I am every day. (the surfing is fun, but it really is getting in the way at work and I NEED to STOP!)

so- that is my resolve, obsession of good positive things- keep going. Moderation is the key for # 5 and 6. Got it, got it.


Mandy said...

Don't fell bad about being obsessed! I think most of us are and just not willing to admit it!!

Becky said...

I like your positive spin on it. Let's just call my knitting my current "passion". Yep, I'm passionate about knitting. I agree about the moderation part...except for knitting! :)

If this is a passing phase, I plan to whoop it up while it is here!

me myself and i said...

I agree with Mandy! I refuse to admit my addictions therefore I can be in my blissful ignorant bliss! :)))

Jenn said...

I'm obsessed with things too! Oh no! but i have no problem being obsessed, everyone is obsessed with something.

Nessie Noodle said...

Thanks everyone- suppose as long as we are doing positive things- productive things, then it isn't so bad- I like the word Passion (good one Becky) it doesn't sounds so serial killer-ish...