September 17, 2005

Purse-ute of happiness

Went "saling" on Saturday- that is what my mother and my aunt call it when they go yard/garage sales- I LOVE it. it makes me smile, and it always makes people think that you are doing something much more extravagant then driving around looking at other people's collection of junk. However, I must say, there is fine art to this hobby- and my mother has it down.
I went saling because I was on the hunt for wool sweaters that I can use to create the felted purses that are in the Alterknits book. I had some great luck! I found two pull over vests (I can't think of what you would call these) and one long sleeved sweater- All of which have been felted and are awaiting to be re-cycled into new and useful things. I ran down to the fabric store to somthing funk to line the bags with and found some really fun stuff.

I did a bit of knitting on Friday night after work. Those orange slippers were altered into a sweet little purse, (PDA case from the Alterknits book)- I used Araucania Chunky yarn and 101/2 circs. I altered the pattern and worked it in the round- that way I only had to close on seam at the bottom instead of two on the sides. I don't have a lot of friend who have pda's, but they will be perfect for holding those little items like your idea, ATM and cell phone while out and about. The chunky felted up really well and it has a great texture to it. This yarn has a wonderful color pre and post felt- I likey!

Other items purchased while saling ---
Gnomes (I have a thing about these little creatures)
Books- The nursery rhymes book was my ABSOLUTE favorite when I was little. My mom and I had a great laugh reading thru it- she warned me about reading a book like this in order every time, I stared to memorize the rhymes and would throw a FIT when my mom would try to skip over any of the them. I knew when she was trying to get out of reading me the whole book for the umteenth million time. :)


Shelly said...

How are the blisters? Better I hope.

Nessie Noodle said...

Blisters are G-O-N-E! yippee, I can go on my morning walks again. that'll teach me to wear bad shoes in the morning.

Knitcrazy said...

I just LOVE the fabric you got to line the bags with..
It is soooooooooo Cool !!!!

Nessie Noodle said...

Thanks Penny! I really like it too (and I got a ton left for more bags)..hmm maybe this will be in the KnitingChicks giftswap! who wants to be paired up with me- hee hee.