September 14, 2005

B is for...

  1. Blisters
    Bright Orange
    Blisters, Ouch, what happened here? I can hike for 15 miles with a 25 lbs on my back and not get a blister and then I go for a short morning walk with one of the ChIPs (Chicks In Planning) and I am in some sorta pain~ wowzers what shoes will I be able to wear?

    The white-ish areas (okay, this is gross!) is the blister- ACK! - should there be a rule that there will be no foot picture postings? I promise, no more. but that right foot blister is the size of a quarter-

    Books! OMG I am so excited. I looked thru the new AlterKnits book at the ProcrastiKnitters gathering on Monday night and HAD, hAd, HaD to have this book! I couldn't wait. I also got the "Zen and Art of Knitting" since I am very interested in the connection between meditation/yoga/art/knitting/creativity.
    I also bought the very wonderful book to put in a package, which leads me to my next B word...
    -- Babies babies and more babies- I am about ready to send of a care package to Min-e-shoot-A. (I know this was supposed to happen a like a week ago, but it hasn't and well, look at it as building up the anticipation.)
    Count them, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 friends are prego right now. WOW don't drink the water or order the Snickers Milk Shake from Duex Gros Neux (if you are getting the milkshake, you aren't getttin' the beer, and that my dear, means a little one is near.)
    I have some knitting to do in order to keep all those sweet little toes and noggins warm.
    --Bright Orange slippers- I am having a heck of a time with these slippers. I can't seem to get the heal to turn. I haven't ever done socks, but I have done baby booties, so I thought I wouldn't have any trouble with them... I guess I just have to keep at it. ripit, ripit, until it right.
    -- BOREDOM, thank god for all of the above Or else I would have fallen out of my seat at work today- (okay, maybe not the blister part, but the walking that gave the blisters cures boredom right?)
    I am going nuts. Who decided I was going to be a map-monkey anyhow? and for that matter, who decide that I was going to be a demographer of sorts- this SO goes against all that I thought I was. Playing with excel spreadsheets all day isn't what I had in mind- I went to school to be a geographer, not an accountant-*sigh*.
    BUT, I can't complain unless I am going to fix it- So here is my list of things to do:
    1. Finish Yoga Teacher Training questionnaire and hand in application to Yoga Loka by next Monday.
    2. Print out, sign, and mail off the application for Plumas County job. (Maybe it is another GIS job, but at least it would mix things up a bit, including a possible move to a sleepy little town).
    3. Continue knitting-
    oh one more B- BLOGGING... My husband is jealous, he wants his computer, I mean his WIFE back, damn it! hee hee.

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