November 02, 2006

TILT- where the music matters

Today's love goes out to something I don't have a photograph of, nor could I really capture this love in a photograph if I wanted to.
I have huge love for a radio station. Yes, a crush of sorts on a radio station. Maybe it's the DJs that I have a crush on? Maybe it is just the rockin' music. Or maybe it is a bit of each.

The radio station is miles and miles north of my home, in a place that is much more damp and rainy then it is here in the high desert (except for maybe today- but that doesn't count).
In a city that is known for music and bands (Pearl Jam, Nirvana)
The city is Seattle, and the radio station is KEXP.
Bikes and Apples
These guys knock the socks (hand knit socks, by the way) off any of our local radio stations- (although I do enjoy our local NPR , it just isn't the same with its classical and jazz, the variety, er the music, just isn't there.)

The best part is that KEXP streams their music/broadcasts across the internet. Which means that people like me can listen until their hearts sing along, and then listen some more. I suppose it isn't really a radio station if it is over the net, but I like to pretend that I am in Seattle and part of the music community even though I am not... A girl can dream right?

The music ranges from punk, to world, to spinning/dance/electronic, to jazz, and rockabilly and much ,much more.

One of the cool parts about the station is that the DJs actually get to pick out the music they want to play- no one telling them what to put on the air waves.

I must say that they help me get through the work day, they make my weekend rock. They inspire me with the fact that they are doing something they love each and every day. The DJs all love music and get to play and share and explore music as a job. So lucky

They even have a blog and a Flickr set.
Gum Wall

I must admit that I have not donated to this station, but I think it is something I will do in the very near future. Mostly because it is so important to support local (okay, not so local for me) independent music and the people who support and promote them.

Ridin' the Pig
(Shush, you are all just jealous I got to ride a giant piggy bank and look like a maniac whilst visiting Pike's Place.)

So there is my love for the day- The DJ's are in NYC today rockin out. Live sets and all sorts of wonderful... Enjoy, get addicted, listen.

All these photos were taken this summer in Seattle- appropriate, no?
If you need a bit more love in your life (and who isn't)check out the magic over here (the pool), here (the creator), here , and maybe here too...


Ani said...

i'm digging your shoes (and your maniacal grin)!

i listen to kexp too. that and wwoz in new orleans. i like to be reminded of my ol' home with a dose of brass band/bluesy/jazzy/zydeco/klezmer music.

Becky said...

Ha! Fun photos! It looks like you had a blast. Nice memories.

Deb R said...

I love your shoes in the pig pic. :-)

lovegreendog said...

i love the first reflection photo. and music over the internet is genius. i heart wclz.

Stacie said...

excellent love! I have been to that gun alley, it's really cool! I'll have to dig out my photos, and see if I can find one I snapped...