November 05, 2006

Paperback Reader...

Project Spectrum Post Card Swap
There is a book swap going on over at My Pink Sky.
Wanna play?

I have always loved books- I remember being in my room as a little girl and playing "Librarian". Sorting my books by color. Then taking them all down and sorting them by title, and again pulling them all down and dividing them out by author or theme or even size- looking for the perfect alignment and look on the shelf.
Project Spectrum
I have always been able to get lost in words in the images my mind creates of the characters and places in a story.

I can totally related to the words that she has posted. bed
This swap will be a meditation in letting go for me. I too hate giving up a book that I loved to read despite the fact that I rarely, if ever, read a book more than once.


Stacie said...

sounds like fun! I also have a hard time giving up a book, especially since my hubby is an avid re-reader...

Anonymous said...

thanks for playing and spreading the word!

lovegreendog said...

um, that photo with the covers and the book is what made me put dibs on this book!
i used to barter with my brother 20 minutes of He-man = 20 minutes of library pretend. ya, we were super geeks :)

The Whole Self said...

these pics are deeeelicious!

i'd play in the swap- but i give all my books away as soon as i read them. :( i have the exact opposite problem.

acumamakiki said...

I'm excited and also, that you are taking my book!
I find it hard to part with mine as well ~ maybe since we're all this way, it will be easier. (=