November 09, 2006


honey, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

I love honey... ewy gooey stick sweet.
in my tea, or just to eat.

ever since reading "Secret Life of Bee's" I have had a new item on my, Things to do before I die list... Keep bees.
They are fascinating little creatures, keeping our food supply going- I mean think about the power they have, the control they have over all the fruits and veggies, all the lovely flowers.
There is definitely something sexy about a bee, and the honey they create- sexual, sensual creatures.


Stacie said...

I agree! Nature is cool! I met a great lady that keeps bees on their farm, to help with pollination. She loves it, and has to carry an epinephrin auto-injector, in case of a sting, she is deadly allergic! Talk about power!

caro said...

mmmm, honey! I love it in weak tea or with a good crunchy fresh piece of fresh bread.

Ani said...

our yard in summer is full of high deserty wildflowers and it attracts tons of bees. i love it! i like to think i'm helping the bee population.

Anonymous said...

my friend intruduced me to putting honey in my coffee...strange at first, but if i am feeling extra indulgent, just the right balance of sweet in something bitter. yum!

lovegreendog said...

i heart that book, and honey in tea :)

kat said...

what a great picture! i have a friend who keeps bees in sonoma & every fall has all people come for the day to harvest the honey. (he also has us on other days to pick grapes & make wine and on another to pick olives...gee maybe we are free labor?!)