October 27, 2006

Friday's Fiasco, Favorites, Fiber and more Favorites

I was on my way to Target this morning and hit a dog- I didn't killer her, but she was hurt. I am still replaying the whole thing in my mind.
I had just gone through an intersection near one of the parks in town that has a dog run area. I heard a huge thump, and then a yelp. I stopped the car and tried to absorb what had just happened. I heard yelling and couldn't find my hazard flasher button on the dash, so I just pulled out of the road. I saw the owner carrying the dog and I rushed over to see what I could do. I helped him get her into the car and he just kept saying, "it's not your fault, it's not your fault. She ran after another dog."
I feel terrible- so I need to send out good vibes for that poor dog-
I didn't even see her coming. I am so, so sorry....


I have no booth photo today, and missed TILT yesterday- but I am making up for it with this little list of goodness....

1. It is NEVADA DAY (observed) so that means no work today. Just hanging out around the house getting chores done. A in the yard
I love this holiday. Are we the only state that celebrates the day the state became a state?

2. Cloe has gotten very comfortable with us. Shas started to come out of her shell and is a little rascal. She makes me laugh.
crazy puppy The best part about a dog is when you are out and about with one, people smile. They might be walking by with a total sour face, but when they spot the ball of fluff on the end of the lead, they smile-
Then they either stop and pet the fluff and laugh or they keep walking by that same goofy smile on their face. I think this is one of my favorite parts. You could make someone's entire day just by taking the dog out for a walk... I love that.

3. This cat-whiskers he loves me even though I brought home a second kitten almost 4 years ago, and now this dog is invading his world. But he still snuggles with me at night when I get home from work. basking in the sunHe licks my face when I pick him up and follows me (and now Cloe) around the house when I am home. He is my Lester Lewis...

And as promised last week, a sneak at the secret project that is underway- secret project

one project almost done- (to the insano washo machino for you), 7 more to go... At least I have ideas for each gift that I have to make. That is the hardest part of the Crafting Christmas.


- My 5 favorites from Flickr this week:

1. Italy_siena_court, wvs

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4. untitled, kookooface


Becky said...

That's a sweet family you have there. Very nice pics, too. We have a friend whose name is Lewis Lester.

Sorry about your bad experience today. Those kinds of things are always very upsetting.

Liz said...

I think you may be one of the few states that celebrates its beginnings. I grew up in MA where they have patriot's Day, but I think thet's the end of the Revolutionary war...

your puppy is SO cute, no wonder people stop and smile...

Bummer about the icky experience. I hit a deer once, and felt horrible for months, not to mention scared to drive up my windy mountain road every night...

lovegreendog said...

great fiber and faves today! i love that walking the dog makes smiles too :) my dog got a bath at the groomer today. i swear my dog can smile.

can't wait to see your finished projects.

so sorry about the run in.

JessaLu said...

Nice pictures :o) And, very cute doggie!

So sorry about your bad experience :o(

Rachel said...

I once hit a cat, and I can STILL hear -- no, FEEL -- that awful thump. I'm so so sorry, and I'm really glad the dog will be okay and that the owner didn't blame you. Ugh, how awful.

Deb R said...

I'm sorry to hear about you hitting the dog. I did that once too and it's just awful, even when you know you couldn't have helped it.

Your dog is SO cute and your cat is beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

The Whole Self said...

your first story broke my heart- you are so good, don't blame yourself! sending you all the hugs and love in the world.


Stacie said...

in IL we have Polaski day...not sure who that is?? I loved the fave photo of the red shoe with squishy toes!

Magatha said...

That "thud" while driving is the worst thing, I know it. We hit a cat once and the little girl who owned him was there to see it. Awful.

I love your kitty whisker pic.
Happy Nevada Day! Tomorrow is my day to celebrate!

amanda button said...

That is the CUTEST puppy i have ever seen...that grin and those ears ears are the BEST!!!!! What a great photo! I can see why she makes everyone around her smile!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what an aweful thing to have happen! sending healing doggie thoughts your way..where would we be without our pooches?