April 13, 2006

Thursday lovin'

Just because the sun is out and there is hardly a cloud in the sky I am going to give my love to clouds this week. Kind of a tribute to them for actually going away for a whole day...My favorite kind of clouds are the cumulonimbus- (as my husband, who is an ex seasonal firefighter calls them, cumulonibus equals over timus. Meaning where these clouds are, will probably wild fires). These are the clouds that are huge, puffy and towering. They loom over head in an otherwise clear sky. They usually roll in bringing noise and flashes of light as well as a good dose of moisture to the otherwise dry climate that is characteristic of the high desert. Cumulonimbus make for amazing sunsets and sunrises.Colors of peach, orange, purlpe and pink- dazzling the brown desert landscape with colors that are usually only seen in with the spring wild flowers. The clouds bring rain, the kind of rain that makes you want to go dance and play and splash. They bring the smell of the ozone and sage- clean and fresh and wonderful. Some of my most vivid and favorite memories surround thunder heads.
One of my grandfather who insisted on going outside and watching the weather despite my grandmother's protest.
One of traveling across country with my mom by train. Descending into Denver, CO and watching the lightening, like a strobe light, make the city below easily seen in an otherwise dark sky.
One of getting stuck in the mud up in the hills behind our house with hubby. We were trying to get pictures of the lightening and also watch as the fire crews put out spot fires where the lightening touched down on the other side of the valley.
And one from last summer while in Belmont, NV. We watched one of the biggest storms come in and move over and out of the area. I don't think we slept all night- just watched the sky light up, counted the seconds between lightening and the loud rumble of thunder. The sunset was better than anything you have ever seen, better than any movie maker could imagine....

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Stacie said...

as always, beautiful pics! I love clouds too. I love when the weather is doin something! I love the thunderstorms in the midwest. We used to go on top of our four story apt. bld. in Chicago and watch. Not the smartest kids!

JessaLu said...

Beautiful photos!

Life's a Stitch said...

I have always loved clouds, too. My favouites are mammalocumulous (sp?). They look like rows upon rows of cotton balls and generally precede or follow a severe storm front,

Life's a Stitch said...

I had it wrong - they are mammatuscumulus. See this link:

Ramona said...

Beautiful clouds

lovegreendog said...

oh my. this is great, the stories, the photos - just wonderful!

it finally cleared up in our corner of the country :)

Jennifer said...

Lovely pictures!

andrea said...

good grief, the gorgeousness of the clouds... so much poetry here, my friend.